Saturday, November 15, 2008

How To Scrapbook Your FAVORITE FOODS!

Scrapbooking is all about memories. Well, favorite foods can have some great memories! Whether the foods are yours or your kids, make a scrapbook layout about them so you'll remember in years to come! You might not think right now that there is much to remember, but in years down the road, they are guaranteed to bring a couple good laughs!
My grand daughter was 2-3 years old and she had her favorite foods and of course I had to document them! Her scrapbook would not be complete without these! This is a case when a scrapbook layout doesn't need any journaling - the memory is there, just not much to say about it but a picture holds a 1,000 memories! This way, you only have to do one scrapbook layout, instead of 1,000 words!!!

I Love My Chips!
At 2 years old, she loved sour cream and onion potatoe chips! The bag was nearly as tall as she was! I used a couple shots of her with the bag of chips. Then I cut the front portion of a bag of her favorite chips and glued it onto cardstock, then glued that onto the back ground page. I did this for the sake of protection from the acid - I have no idea if the bag is acid free or not, so I just did it this way to help the unknown. Each photo is matted on cardstock so the actual photo never touches the bag. I used 1/4:" letterpunch for the letters.

Peanut Butter Princess
She loved PB! So it was hilarous when she got ahold of the near empty jar and took her spoon and chowed-down! I used the same colors, blue and red, as in the jar label. Took the label off the jar and mounted it on cardstock and then on the background page. The letters are 1,1/4" die cut letter punches. Photos are doubled matted. The border is made with strips cut with a Coluzzle Template.

You Make 'Um, I Eat 'Um!

She didn't like the cereal by itself, but she did like the cookie bars you make from the Rice Cripsies. So one day when I was making them with her, I just let her eat off the mixing spoon! Then I cut the front out of the box, and the recipe for the cookie bars from the side. I mounted the front of the box on the layout and added the recipe (matted) by thread. I used eyelets on the recipe card and kind of "hung" it from the box front. That way she will always have that recipe! Photos are matted on cardstock.

All thses scrapbook layouts are quick, easy and inexpensive. Use your own judgement about the acid free issues of the packages you use.


Anonymous said...

That is so neat using the food containers for a backdrop. I NEVER would of thought of that! I have a lot of pictures of my grandaughter cooking and making cookies. She is 19 now, what memories that would bring back to her!
Thanks for the idea's, I love them!!

Anonymous said...

As a beginner scrapbooker, could you give me a list of basic "must have" tools? I've noticed that you use several different tools in your scrapbooking. Also I would like a list of the online stores you order from.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Judy - I dont' know where I thought of that other than I just was limited on money to buy stuff so I started using what I had. i love these layouts! My GD (6 yrs old) looks at them now and laughs and thinks they are just great! Just wait till I show them to her new husband or to her little girl! Talk about a memory!

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

I will put someting to gether for you. I learned that you don't have to have every tool out there! I got into punches and ended up having about 100 of them, but how many did I use? 25 or so. I sold the rest and haven't regretted it since. Its all in what you want to do tho. ANd i have not bought online for ahwile as I bought so much, I have a large stock, and have promised myself that I would use that up before I buy more! But I'll get some of the places I used to buy from and let you know.

Lynn said...

What a fabulous blog! Love the scrapping foods idea!

Maresa said...

I was under the understanding that you can't use anything in your scrapbooks that isn't acid free. Are these containers safe to use? also are you still collecting box tops and could you send me your address please?

I just found your blog tonight and I'm really excited about it. Thanks

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Things have changed so much over the years that is is almost hard to find a scrapbook embelishment that is not acid free. However, still there are somethings.

Check out my blog about Acid Free issues at

And yes, we still do collect box tops - just found out today that Kellies class won a brownie party for bringing in the most box tops - thanks to all our swappers!