Monday, February 11, 2008

Make Wonderful Quick and Easy Scrapbook Layouts

Quick and easy! Sometimes that is just what we need or maybe even want, our scrapbook pages to be! Got "scrappers block"? All it takes is a few quick and easy scrapbook layouts and you're back in business! Got a "backlog" of photographs waiting for their place in your albums? Do some quick and easy layouts and get caught up and still have wonderful layouts in your memory album.

Scrapbook layouts do NOT have to be elaborate, extremely ornate, completely filling the page or use a lot of embellishments. Simple is sometimes the best embellishment you can use!
Wild Safari

In this layout I took my grand daughter to the little petting zoo at a local street festival. It was her first petting zoo experience. But since I was doing it from my point of view for her album, I just used computer journaling and typed out what I saw her do or act. How she liked the bunnies best and wanted to take one home. How she wasn't scared of any of the animals until they came to her first instead of her going to them. I used yellow cardstock for the journaling and a matching hue to matte the photo and then double matted onto a leopard fur theme print paper. I used the same print paper to punch out the letters for the title. Using different hues of the same color is a great (and easy!) way to create quick and easy layouts, that still capture those wonderful memories.

The only other embellishment or decoration was some die cut leaves. I had been to the local scrapbook store and they allowed a customer to use their die cut machines for paper purchased at their store. So I "stocked up" on leaves, thinking it would be a very common design that I'd want to use often. All I did was assemble leaves in different hues of green in a manner to resemble tree branches hanging down like they would in the jungle. The part of this layout that took the longest was typing the journaling! The rest was done in about 15 minutes! But this is one of my grand daughters favorite "memories" even though she doesn't remember it! She loves animals and just loves knowing that she was petting bunnies when she was a "little baby girl". That in itself creates an extra added memory for this scrapbook layout page!

The Zoo

I was not on this trip to the zoo with my granddaughter, but I wanted her to have the memory even though she doesn't remember being there this time. So journaling wasn't something that I could do on this layout. I just titled and dated. I used animal fur theme print paper for the matting of the photos, title card and the punched out letters. I added a few leaf and animal stickers and was done! I spent about 15 minutes on this layout.

One Item on This Layout Generates Additional Memories
Something special I add to this layout was a photo of her mom with her dad at a zoo when mom was a little girl. This creates a wonderful embellishment of a memory for mother and daughter. Daughter sees mom did same things she is doing! Plus, all those photos from the past that I didn't use in a scrapbook layout in another album - uses up the "extras" while adding another memory. Plus, I only had the 2 photographs of my grand daughter's day at the zoo, and needed something for that lower corner. I could have created a sticker scene or some other generally related embellishment, but this photo "from the past", was just the right touch to complete the layout while adding an additional memory to the page!

So, see? Quick and easy doesn't have to be frowned upon! A scrapbook layout can be created in a few minutes, using no more than one or two simple supply items and still hold an enormous amount of memories!


Donna in Louisiana said...

Great tips, love reading your blogs.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Thanks! Glad to have you on board!