Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Scrapbook for Box Tops - new items to choose from!

New Items at Scrapbook for Box Tops - free SB supplies for Box Tops swap!

I have some new items posted in the 10 Box Tops and 15 Box Tops categories if you'd care to take a look! Some handmade punch art kids and some metal button stickers. More on the way!

Scrapbook For Box Tops

We have had a really great response for this swap for free scrapbooking supplies and Kellie and I are very thankful to all those that have swapped box tops with us to help her school. She enjoys including a thank you note with every swap and is anxious to see where you "are" on the United States map!

The "Surprise Me!" category is a popular request. You tell me what you like or want and that is what I will send you!

Hope your layouts are coming along great and keep collecting box tops! There are more items are on the way!

Thanks to everyone!


Anonymous said...

hi, i was just wondering if it is possible to print some of your tips and ideas for myself? they all seem great ideas to me. thanks tracy

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

By all means, use them in your layouts, but please don't print them out. They are for personal use only and they are copyrighted. Hope you understand