Sunday, March 18, 2007

Preserve Your Memories OUTSIDE the Scrapbook Album

Preserve Your Memories OUTSIDE the Scrapbook Album Box!
I have been wanting to learn about digital scrapbooking so in surfing the web, I found this site. I thought it was about digital scrapbooking as far as scanning photos and savings designs and such, organizing it all in a photo editing program and then just printing out a completed scrapbook layout page.

Boy, did I find something outside of the scrapbooking box!

Online Crafting at using photos and scrapbook pages is another way of preserving your memories "outside the box" of traditional scrapbooking! This is the most amazing thing I've seen in relation to scrapbooking in a long time!

From your scrapbook layout (or any photo) to home decor, fashion apparel, blankets, flags, tapestries, banners, pillows, table cloths, towels, even dorm room decor and more! What a way to display your memories! You can decorate a blanket with your babies face! Talk about sweet slumber! Or how about making a banner for your college student's dorm room of them with their friends from back home? Or even a beautiful scarf around your neck with your child or grand child smiling out at you!

And Online Crafting at using photos and scrapbook pages does it for you! You send them your special photo and they will create your memory on your choice of display!

I myself, am searching for the perfect photo to use for a blanket. I am thinking of Christmas gifts here. I know my daughter would love to have a blanket with her and her little girl on it! And what a way to say "I Love You"! The blankets or pillows would a make great wedding gift! Give a Gift Certificate to Online Crafting at as a baby shower gift! Wow, the options are is the product.

So I just thought I'd share my new discovery and let you all in on what I think, is one of the most wonderful ways of preserving your memories to come along since the scrapbook memory album! Take a look and see what you think!

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