Friday, August 04, 2006

Free Scrapbook Stickers! Just print them out!

I am currently researching this but thought I'd send it along just in case you'd like to look into it also!

We all use stickers in our scrapbooks and on the layouts so....Printable Stickers for FREE!! How cool is that!

This link is a free link and offers alot of craft things, however, the printable stickers caught my eye. You can apparently print them out on sticker sheets that go in your printer. The seem to be 8"x10" in size.

Free Printable Stickers

My thinking...I don't want to invest in those sticker sheets so am going to print them out on Glossy photo paper like you would use for printing your photos and cut them out! Use the acid free adhesive photo squares, or pop dots and INSTANT SCRAPBOOK STICKERS!

Or if you have a Xyron Sticker Maker machine, (which come in multiple sizes) - you could run the paper through that and there you go - - - STICKERS STICKERS STICKERS for your scrapbook layouts! Or just for the kids to have to play with!

Try it out, see what you like and then leave a comment and let us all know how you liked it!

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