Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Hopes Before and Pride After - Remember it!

While growing up, kids have goals, dreams and hopes for their life in the future. Scrapbook pages are a great way to not only remember those hopes and dreams, but also, once they have been accomplished, they can look back and have pride in themselves for keeping their eye on the prize!

My son, when in the 4th grade, had to write a paragraph what his goals were for his life. He said he wants to be a cowboy, ride bulls and be a police officer on a motocycle. I wanted his young dreams to be remembered in conjunction with his accomplishments in his life and that is the creation behind this layout.

I included a kindergarden photo of him on a pony, the paragraph he wrote and lyrics to a song he loved at the time of making the layout. A little older, he spent a summer on a farm with the hourses, then he started getting into bull riding, but then when he got accepted into the Police Academy, he had to stop that. He is now a Police Officer. Not on a cycle yet, but in his plans!

I took the words to a song by Garth Brooks "Cowboy Was His Name"- my sons favorite song - and did a journal block and then I added the little paragraph he had written in the 4th grade. Past, present, future - - - all in the same layout. I did this layout before he was accepted to the police academy, but it shows his goals and he knows he achieved them.

*******The goal and the dream.....accomplished******

And also look at the layout - simple, quick, easy and inexpensive. A quick strip border and matted photos and journal blocks. That's it, but this is one of my most favorite memory layouts as well as my son's. We remember it so vividly and marvel that he carried through another 10 years to met his goal in life from the 4th grade!

What are your children's goals and dream? Scrap them well - don't forget them. I am a grand mother, so take my word for it - - You will treasure these memories as much as the person they are about. Just saying them is one thing, but seeing them in print/photos - just make them so much more precious and rememorable


debbielee93 said...

i would like ideas on quick pages. such as, a common "recipe" if you will, of cut and paste of papers and such so that you can use different papers etc and cut things then same and get a diffrent look each time. i do the basic strip across the top or edge but i would like something a little more complex looking but simple, so that the design process goes faster.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Debbie - I wil be glad to help you with this. I will give this some thought and get some ideas for you.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Debbielee - check out my recent article about making mattes from cardstock - "Scrapbook Photo Mattes in Minutes". These are quick, easy and you can get a different look each and every time!