Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Scrapbook The Past With The Present

I started scrapping 10 years ago. My kids, at that time were 18 and 22. I had TONS of photos of their lives. Now they both have little girls! 6 years old and 5 month old! I had 4 scrapbooks going at once!

After the first grand daughter got here, and I started taking TONS of photos of her, I noticed something.....I was taking the same photo shot of my grand daughter that I suddenly remembered taking of my daughter (her mommy) at that same age! Yes, I guess I am a creature of habit! I noticed that I had taken the same shot/posse of my grand daughter that I did of my daughter - and not at all on purpose!

Scrapbook The Past with the Present

So of course, I have to link the past with the present. I wanted my daughter to see how she looked at the same age as her daughter. I wanted my grand daughter to be able to see herself and her mommy at the same age, and as an extra added bonus- they are doing the same thing! A Scrapbook holds more memories than you think!

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This scrapbook layout is of my daughter (right photo) and her daddy in 1978 and my grand daughter (left photo)and her Grandpa in 2000! Both sitting on the counter, mesmerized by the shaving ritual! The girls look alot alike and notice the change in the razor being used in 20 years, and of course, Daddy's gain weight too! Lot of memories in one layout - and notice NO JOURNALING!! Just a title! Scrapbook layouts offer you so many options!
The Generation Non-Gap...
But I didn't stop there. I also found some photos of me when I was young and made sure the if I ever took my kids or grand daughter to that same place, I'd take a photo of them at the same posse as I was! Talk about generation to generation! In this scrapbook layout, the top photo is of me and my 2 brothers and 1 sister back in the 60's at Knott's Berry Farm playing on the old train that we absolutely LOVED!(top left) So when I was able to take my grand daughter to Knott's, I made sure that I took a photo of her on that very same train - (right top). Plus, we played on the covered wagons (lower left) but since they dont' have that activity any longer at Knott's, me and grand baby just crawled into one that was on display (lower right) And to keep in the "family" theme, i added a photo of my 2 kids and the baby. This scrapbook layout shows the generations wonderfully! And notice, not to much embellishment! Just a block for journaling, photos (not even matted!) and a couple stickers

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The Fashion Gap? No way!

I also kept 2 dresses of my daughter's. When the grand baby was a girl, I waited till she was the same age as her mom in the picture and took one of her in "mommy's dress". Again, a scrapbook layout with just a little bit of journaling. That title says it all!

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Now if you dont' have kids right now, make a list of places you were when you were little that you will probably be able to take your kids and make a folder of the pictures. For instance, if you went to Disneyland and have a photo of you on your favorite ride, or eating your favorite food item, date the photo and just drop it in an envelope. In the future, if you are able to take your child to Disneyland, make sure you take a photo of the little one on the same ride as you or eating the same food item! Match them up on a layout and you have a winner of a memory!


Cory said...

Thanks for this great idea! I have a few pictures of me wearing my mom's baby dresses and hadn't even thought of using them! I also have a picture of her pregnant with me at the grand canyon, and a picture of the two of us standing at the same place together 18 years later!

I've just stumbled along your column and the ideas are just fascinating!

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Cory - Glad I could spark a layout for you! Sounds like you have a great layout in the making! Or maybe 2! Don't let those memory slip away! They are to valuable.

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