Sunday, October 15, 2006

Do You Know How To Smudge? It's FUN!!!

Have you ever "smudged" your ink? Or your chalks? It is fun, easy and a great way to make letters for your scrapbook titles!

Supplies needed: Letter Stencil, ink pad, makeup sponge, writting tip marker

Step 1: Place the stencil down onthe background page (or whatever paper you are using) where you want the letters to go and hold it down firmly and stable - don't let it move while you work or your letters will be crooked. Tape it to the table if you can.

Step 2: Dab the makeup sponge into the ink. Don't saturate the sponge, just get enough to "dab around" the paper. You can always go back and get dab more ink on the sponge.

Step 3: Starting from the edge of the stencil and going "into" the letter area, just "smudge" the ink around the edges of the stencil - partically on the stencil and partically on the paper. You'll have to do some testing first to learn how to get the various effects - heavy smudging makes for a darker color and more specific letter shading. Lighter smudging gives a lighter color and more blending shading.

A good way to start is to make the edge closest to the stencil a bit darker and then the inside of the letter lighter - this gives great dimension to the letter. You can play alot with this technique and create alot of beautiful lettering for your layout.

Step 4: With the stencil STILL IN PLACE, take a writting marker with a medium to thick tip and outline the letter. When the stencil is removed, the letter has 3 dimensions - the specific of the maker outline, the dark outside edge, and the lighter, fluffier inside - all blended together.

- You can use chalk the same way - you just have to "drag" more than "dab"
- You can use the same color or different colors. Outline in black, use red for the darker outside edge of the letter and a yellow for the fluffier inside of the letter. Just mix the colors to match the colors in your layout.
- This looks particularily good when using pastel colors. They seem to blend better than darker colors.
- Chalks will also blend better than inks, at least in my experience. Once ink is set, it is there. But the chalks will merge together more.
- Ink is more specific. Chalk is more "fluffy". Keep in mind for the effect you want.
- Once finished with the stencils, wash them with warm soapy water to get the ink and chalk off (or Windex).

Give it a try and see what creations you can make just a-smudgin'!

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