Saturday, October 28, 2006

More FREE Printable stickers

A favorite magazine of mine has an online site too. It is the perfect magazine for moms, kids, teachers, scout leaders, grand parents - anyone that wants to have fun with kids and/or their families. It is the best family related magazine I have ever seen. It is called Family Fun. I have had a subscription for 3 years now and just renewed it for another 2 years! I was just there changing my mailing address and noticed a lot of things offered online that aren't in the magazine! So I did some "shopping". Got some great ideas for my grand daughters crafts, some interesting recipes, but saw this for us scrappers!

Printable stickers!

You downloand them (for free!) and print them out on your printer. Use glossy photo paper for a shiney sticker or regular card stock for that matte look, which is great if you are going for a more traditional/heritage style look. Use chalks to "shade" the sticker edges for a heritage look. Use your markers to outline or give detail within the sticker. You can cut out the exact image instead of just cutting a circle or a square. For instance, if there is a little dog image on a circle background, cut out just the little dog! There is a large variety of themes - pick and choose and then save the site to your favorites so you can go back when you need stickers!

Once printed, you can either use adhseive squares, glue stick or run them through your Xyron machine and
TA-DA!! You have some great stickers and didn't even have to leave the house and spend a ton of money! And give the site a second when you click on the stickers you choose, it uses .pdf and has to pull that up and all, but it does pop up just fine and you just click and print!

And these are also great for just giving to the kids to play with...... while you scrapbook! Even if you don't make the as stickers - just print them out on cardstock and have them create a game or a story board or something! Or help them learn to scrapbook by making their own layouts! And the stickers could be a great way to make gift tags for Christmas gifts! Have the kids work on that!

Check them out here. There is a list of them so click around to see them all!

This magazine is absolutely wonderful in my opinion, so I'd like to mention that if you are interested - You can get this magazine for only $9.95 for 1 year, plus you get a FREE $5 gift certificate for every subscription you buy from
More Magazines, Please! It's a great bargain! I know the owner of this site and I know that you will get great service.

Please Note: I receive NOTHING from this magazine or the web site selling it, for making this "promotion". I just think the magazine is wonderful and wanted to pass it along - and give you a place to get free stickers!


Anonymous said...

Cheri, this is a great site for printing your own stickers.
And to think that I have spent money for sticker. No more, going to get me some printer sticker paper.
Also signed up for their newsletter, Lots of things to print out for my 8 year old Grandson. He loves to color.
Thanks for mentioning the site.
Judy in TX

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

I have used them for alot of things too. Games for the kids and just for them to play with. I am going to let me grand daughter make her own gift tags!