Friday, September 15, 2006

Make Your Own Scrapbook Layout Background Papers!

This is possible! And it doesn't take much of anything. In Scrapbooking, there are so many avenues you can take to create the perfect scrapbook layout for your albums.

I never quite got into stamping - another expense that I just couldn't afford so I only minorly dabbled. I saw a fern leaf stamp that was so cool and I had a 40% off coupon at the local craft store, so I got the stamp. Then next week, when I had another 40% of coupon I got a green ink pad.

Put two and two together and what have you got? A great scrapbook layout background! Change color of inks and you can have more backgrounds! Use glitters and embossing and you have even more. And it all started with 1 stamp.

I never really knew my grand father. They lived in Ohio, we lived in California. But we did visit a few times and I remember those times dearly. So I did a scrapbook layout about Grandpa. Had a only few photos but alot of memories about the man himself and things he did or said. And I loved the house he built and lived in all his life. I lived in the same house he built for a few months! So I did a 4 page spread to use all that I had and make sure I got everything I remembered all in one place.

I have used the fern leaf stamp on the cardstock to make a "outdoor-zy" kind of background. Just stamp the leaf all over, in different ways. Then matted the photos with green cardstock. Click the image to get a larger view of the page.

That middle page is a 8x10 cut down about 1/3 of the way and in a page protector. This way I can see the photo on the 4th page, while having the journaling about those photos. Turn the page and there are more photos and journaling.

I did alot with 4 page spreads and cutting the middle page in half. I will have some more about that procedure in articles to come.


Jeanette Pullum said...

Thanks for all the great ideas. I have grandchildren(2play ball and 1 has raced go-karts for 6yrs)plus hunters to scrap for. Again thanks. Jeanette

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

It never hurt to save time and money as long as you document the memory! Good luck with your layouts! I have a hunting one I did for my son that I will be posting soon. Join my mailing list if you haven't already to know when it comes out! I love it and so does my son. It really brings out the memory for him