Sunday, September 17, 2006

"Rope" In Your Scrapbook Layout!

In looking around your house for embellishments to use in your scrapbook layouts, did you find a short piece of thin rope in your junk drawer? Hopefully, you didn't throw it away!! I found a piece and here's what I did with it.

My grand daughter learned to love horses at an early age, thanks to some rocking horses that I had. This is a memory that I like, but using just one photo - there isn't much to say and how many layouts do you do about this one memory! She is cute in each of the photos. but a different age in each photo. Don't waste your time and supplies making a scrapbook layout for each photo. Use them all in one layout.

There wasn't much to journal about the memory - just that she looked so cute. This is a case where the title says it all. Wheather whimsey or specific, the title is often the only journaling a layout needs. "Riding The Range" - the perfect title for the layout and since we are misplaced Texans, it just hit home to me!

I just took the rope and wound it around to a nice design on the background paper. Then using a glue stick, just traced the winding line that the rope laid on and pressed it down! The ends I tied into a bow. Your eye just follows the rope around the photos. Notice that I overlapped a short length of the rope onto one of the photos. It didn't "hide" anything, just added a bit of dimension to the layout. (The photo shows that the rope goes over her face. It isn't like that. It just pulled off by mistake when I slide the layout into the page protector! I have fixed that and will be more careful next time!)

Quick, easy and SO inexpensive!!!


Karen said...


What a cute idea! One of the easiest albums I ever did was for one of my daughters when she was 3 - her Favorite Things. It was a little album and took me only about 4 hours to do and has been a family favorite. When you set yourself free from chronology at times, it can be really productive.


Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Yes, sometimes chronology albums can be a hassle. Too easy to get behind too! I learned that the hard way!! I do basically chronological but just for things like holiday or special things, but when there are several photos of the same thing at different ages, just makes sense, saves money, time and effort to do them all at once! And it is also a great and fun way to see the "growth" of the child doing the same thing at different ages - there's the chronologic time - all in one layout!