Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Scrapbook Photo Mattes in Minutes!

If you need to move a bit faster in your scrapbook layouts, or want something quick and easy, or just want simple and stylish scrapbook layouts, use this matting technique!

This is also great to have these mattes available for taking to crops or scrapbooking parties!

This puts a colorful border around each photo, then you just place the matted photos on the background paper, add journaling and you are done - in minutes!

Your only decision is what color to make the mattes - which is so easy! Use the color you like, the color that matches the photo, the color that brings out something in the photo, a color that brings out the theme you are working on ....

Here's how to cut cardstock into mattes - the quick and easy way! Basically you are cutting cardstock to fit a 4"x6" photo.

Making Mattes from 8,1/2"x 11" Cardstock

Step 1: Cut an 8.5x11 sheet of cardstock into four equal pieces. This will give you four pieces measuring 5,1/2" x 4,1/4" each.

Step 2: Using photos that measure 4"x6", cut 3/4" from the 6" side of the photo and
your photos now measure 5,1/4" x 4".

Step 3: Now place your photos on the mattes and each photo will have 1/8" border
around it!
Making Mattes from 12" x 12" Cardstock

Step 1: Cut a 12" x 12" piece of cardstock exactly in half. You now have 2 sheets of 6"x12".

Step 2: Cut each 6" x "12 sheet into three equal pieces, each to measure 4" x 6". You now have 6 pieces measuring 4"x6" each.

Step 3: Using 4"x6" photos, cut 1/4" from EACH side of the photo. Your photos will now measure 3, 3/4" x 5, 3/4".

Step 4: Now place your photos on the mattes and each photo will have a 1/8" border around it!

Give it a try and see how fast your scrapbook layouts get moving! These are also great for doing scrapbooks for a single situation or person. For instance, if you are doing a grandparent scrapbook - one matted photo on one page and journaling on the opposite page. Or an "About Me" scrapbook - again, one photo on one page and journaling on the opposite page. This way your color theme is continued throughout the scrapbook.

(These are directions from a craft show I saw awhile ago. I don't remember which one, but I wrote down the instructions while I was watching it and have used them many times! Hope they help you, too!)


Heather Campbell said...

What a great idea, thanks so much.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Heather: It does work great and is a fantastic way to get moving in your layouts. Not all layouts have to be ornate and elaborate. Sometimes simple can say as much as ornate!

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