Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Blink In Time - 20 years of Time!

My kids are 4 years apart. They have been close all their lives. It is really strange as I raised them both together, same values, same life style, same every thing - yet my daughter turned out to be a rock and roll girl and my son a country boy. Donny and Marie have nothing on my kids!

But the time has gone by so fast. You just don't realize it until it is gone! (sounds like the makin's of a country song!) And as a mother, it is extremely enjoyable to look back on those wonderful years and remember all those times the kids were together and there for each other. So of course, I have to scrap it!! I made 3 of these layouts - one for me, one for my son and one for my daughter.

This layout is a double page spread. It is 2, 12x12 pages. The title is "A Blink In Time" - half on the top of one page, the other half on the other page. The letters are just sticker letters. I just used black and white checked background paper. Matted the photos in black cardstock and found the most appropriately amazing poem which I printed out in two sections on white cardstock and matted it on black cardstock and put half on one layout, half on the other layout. I dated each photo. There is no journaling on this layout, the photos speak for themselves. This layout is quick and easy, cardstock and letter stickers are the only supplies used and no special tools required, but boy, is it one of my most favorite layouts! The memories are tremendous and I love every single one of them!

This scrapbook layout spans 20 years - from the first time my daughter (the oldest) held her baby brother for the first time, to when he held his little neice (her little girl) for the first time.

The poem is a style that seems they are saying this to each other. Perfectly fitting for the theme of the layout - brother and sister and their friendship and love.

"In a blink, it seems the years go by, but images still linger of times we shared together. We watched out for each other and share secret these days......A friendship, I hope, we'll both keep. Just who will we be, what will we become? Each step is a moment I treasure. When I blink yet again, I'll look back in time and smile at these moments together."

None of us will ever forget these years.


Charleneanne said...

this is a great article. And so true. I keep as my wallpaper on the computer the first Christams pix taken of my kids altogether when the youngest was 7 months old. LOL Now they are 33-39 and they are the same kids (to me) lol It goes by so swiftly.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Charleneanne- that is so great! Since I learned how to do it, my wall paper is always family related, too. Glad to hear you feel that they are always the same kids no matter the age - my sentiments exactly! Mine are 24 and 28 but they are still my babies!