Sunday, November 19, 2006

How To Make a Masculine Themed Scrapbook Layout

Sometimes it's hard to do a masculine scrapbook layout. embellishments tend to be a bit girlie or frilly or "themey" - just not a masculine theme. So how do you do a scrapbook layout page for the men? Well, sometimes in scrapbooking, it isn't in the embellishments you use, its in the theme of the layout.

In this scrapbook layout, I didn't use any embellishments! I just matted photos and added a poem. Yes, a poem for a guy! But more importantly, I scrapped my son's dream. Find out what the man in your life's dream is and see how you can scrapbook a layout for him!

When my son was growing up, he dreamed of being a cowboy. Bull riding, rodeos, cowboy hat, horse, belt buckle - the works. Well, he got a few of those things, but life changed and he had to give up on the rest of the dream and I didn't want him to forget his dream. So I scrapped it!

This is a 12x12 scrapbook layout page. I used just a medium blue cardstock for the background page. I used matte metallic gold and silver papers for the matting and the embellishment stripes. The photo below doesn't show the silve/gold papers very well, but they are a soft muted silver/gold. A really nice touch for a masculine layout. I use vellumed to type out the picture titles and the poem. I used a corner round on the photos and the mattes.

Layout is titled, "The Hat, The Buckle, The Cowboy. " There my son is, with his pick-up truck, in his cowboy dress, with his Stetson hat and belt buckle. The buckle honors one of the PBR's most famous bulls... Bodacious...which backs up the memory of Lane Frost.

I typed the poem on vellum and cut the edges with decorative sicssors. I ran it through my Xyron for adhesive. It worked really well as far as not leaving any visable glue marks on the vellum. All the printing was done on the computer.

The poem is by Baxter Black and is called "Cowboy is His Name" which is from his book "Legend of the Rodeo Man". This is again, one of my son's most favorite scrapbook layouts.


Neece said...

Great article .....I have had trouble in the past doing some for my husband who is "hooked" on fishing. I went with him to the river and took a lot of pictures and used them to make my own backgrounds for his fishing. I have incorporated some of his lures and other items to help make them more authentic. Love your articles , keep them coming on the pc crafter board. Denise

scrapngrammy said...

That is a great page. I like the way your pictures really tell the story.

scrapngrammy said...

That is a great page. I like the clean lines and the way the pictures tell the story.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

Denise: Sounds like you got a system going! How great! Who said fishing is not a woman's sport! Your layouts sound great and I bet really colorful!

Scrapbook Layout Ideas said...

scrapngrammy - Thanks! clean lines and pictures telling the story, sometimes that is all a layout needs!
Scrapbook Layout Ideas