Saturday, November 04, 2006

Library Pocket Pattern and Directions

Here is the Library Pocket pattern I use often. When my local library decides to discard older books, they first offer them for sale. I bought some one day and noticed this pocket for the check-out cards that they use to use in the "old days" before computers and all! I remember how cool it was to watch the librarian pull the card and stamp the return date and slide the card back into the pocket!!! My sister and I always like to "play" library and we'd collect all our books and shelf them "properly" and make them each a card. Didn't have a stamp thing, but used whatever we could figure to just get that stamp motion going!

Anyway, I peeled the pocket off the book I bought, and opened it up and used it for a pattern. I like this in my layouts as it offers me a way to have many photos on one layout without having to crop and matte and be limited on how many photos I can use.

I do 8x10 pages with one photo displayed, a few embellishments and title and then a pocket with all relating photos and a cardstock card for the journaling. These are quick, easy and a great way to get caught up or keep scrapping if you are very limited on time.

Step #1. Fold DOWN the the small flap on the top - this is the front edge of the pocket
Step #2. Fold UP the back flap (the longest flap)
Step #3. Fold IN the 2 side flaps so that they cover the back flap
Step #4. Add glue to the inside of the side flaps and secure them to the back flap.

And there you have it! Decorate as you like! You can use 8x10 pattern paper or solid cardstock. Just watch how your printer prints out to know if you put your pattern paper pattern side up or down in your printer. This will print out with the lines, so you dont' want the lines on the pattern side. Solid, doesn't matter - just turn the paper over.

Library Pocket

A good tool to have for this is a bone folder or plastic ruler to make creases instead of your fingers! It makes a much neater and specific fold. Also, a ruler and an embossing stylist are great for making sure your fold lines are straight and the top and bottom lines up properly.

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