Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scrapbook Titles That Include a Forgotten Memory!

Life is so full of things that make memories. You have memories from places you never thought of or possibly even forgot about. That's where scrapbooking comes in! It helps you remember even the little things some times.

Everyone watches TV. We all have our favorite shows from the past and present. But what about the phrases that came from a show and made it big in the real world? Think about how many of those you say - just because it is the current buzz phrase!! And often even if you didn't watch the show, you heard and even said the phrase. I never watched Hawaii 5-0 but knew the phrase "Book 'em, Danno" (Steve McGarrett, "Hawaii Five-O"). I seldom watched Friends, but heard alot of "How you doin'?" (Joey Tribbiani, "Friends") But of course since I was a Star Trek/Captain Kirk fan, I loved the phrase "Space...the final frontier."

Where are you memories of these times? Use these TV catch phrases as TITLEs for you scrapbook layouts! You might not have a photo to remember the actual phrase, but things happen to day that you want to scrapbook and to use these phrases as the titles, would not only give you the memory of the current layout, but an additional memory from the title!

Is your little guy into space? Were you a Star Trek fan? Use Captain Kirks phase as the title and photos of your little guy in his "space suit" or playing with his space toys. Double the memories!

Got a little one that loves to bake/cook? How about "Bam!" (Emeril Lagasse, "Emeril Live").
How about "I can't believe I ate the whole thing" (Alka Seltzer ad) next time your photos are of a huge family dinner!

Here's TV Land's Top 100 Catch Phrases - in alphabeticaly order. They will be doing a count down for Number 1, but look and find your favorite memory phrase and create your title and layout!

Top 100 TV Catch Phrases from TV Land

And even if you dont' use these as titles, how many do you remember? How many did you USE!!! Have a good laugh, a fun memory and watch to find out which is #1!

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